Clarion Ledger – Scooter Mouse Finds the Library Books for Children and Young Adults “ Scooter Mouse Finds the Library,” Alice Rhea Mitchell; illustrated by Sheryl K. Perry, Magnolia Gazette Publishing Co. “ Theodore Boone: The Accomplice,” John Grisham, Dutton Books for Young Readers “ I Want a Dog,” Jon Agee, Dial Books…

Rejoice Dance Academy – Scooter Mouse and Rabbit

Rejoice Ballet - Scooter Mouse and Rabbit

Rejoice Dance Academy brought Scooter Mouse and Rabbit to life through ballet. The dancers performed for kindergarten classes in Liberty, Tylertown, Magnolia, McComb, and Summit.  Miss Mattie provided additional entertainment with her autoharp and her favorite songs.

Scooter Mouse Finds the Library

When a Mississippi mouse seeks a better opportunity in Scooter Mouse Finds the Library by Alice Rhea Mitchell, he follows a path from the country to McComb City, where he escapes a Tabby cat, discovers the library, and meets Miss…

Scooter Mouse and Rabbit

In Scooter Mouse and Rabbit, Rabbit falls from Alexander’s backpack after Story Hour with Miss Mattie and hides under the circulation desk until Scooter Mouse rescues him and engineers a hide-and-seek reunion.  Twenty-one watercolors by artist Sheryl K. Perry illustrate…

Books featured at Bambinos’

My Mama's Closet on display in Bambinos' new San Antonio location (Kody Melton, photographer)

Bambinos’ playroom in San Antonio now features a book display including My Mama’s Closet, Our Game, and Scooter Mouse and the Teddy Bears! Bambinos’ will host a book signing with Alice Rhea Mitchell on October 23, 2018.