Scooter Mouse Finds the Library

Story by Alice Rhea Mitchell
Illustrations by Sheryl K. Perry

When a Mississippi mouse seeks a better opportunity in Scooter Mouse Finds the Library by Alice Rhea Mitchell, he follows a path from the country to McComb City, where he escapes a Tabby cat, discovers the library, and meets Miss Mattie, the children’s librarian. Nineteen vibrant watercolor paintings by artist Sheryl K. Perry illustrate the text.

Dedication to Mattie Rials:  After directing her own kindergarten, Mattie Rials joined the Pike-Amite-Walthall Library in McComb, Mississippi, as children’s librarian.  With joy and love, she has promoted literacy for generations of children through Story Hour with the assistance of Scooter Mouse.  Representing Pike-Amite-Walthall Library, Scooter Mouse won The John Cotton Dana Award from the American Library Association for outstanding library public relations in 1976.  In addition, Miss Mattie received the first Kaigler-Lamont Award presented by the Children’s Book Festival in 1998.  Established in her honor, The Miss Mattie Foundation offers competitive college scholarships to deserving high school seniors from the tri-county area.


Author and Artist Presentations

November 11, 2019                  St. Luke’s Episcopal Day School                     San Antonio, Texas

November 12, 2019               Keystone Little School                                     San Antonio, Texas

November 13, 2019                  Thousand Oaks Elementary School               San Antonio, Texas


November 14, 2019                  The Village (5:00-7:00 PM)                                     Summit, MS

November 15, 2019                  Magnolia Public Library (11:00 AM-12:30 PM)           Magnolia, MS

                                                   McComb Public Library (2:30-4:30 PM)                McComb, MS

November 16, 2019                  Main Street Books (1:00-3:00 PM)                       Hattiesburg, MS

December 2, 2019                     Author Extravaganza (4:00-6:00 PM)                  Hattiesburg, MS