Scooter Mouse and the Teddy Bears

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When Miss Mattie, the children’s librarian, invites the teddy bears to spend the night at the library, Scooter Mouse wonders if he will have to sleep, too.  However, Scooter Mouse watches the bears from his hole until he joins the fun and knows, along with the reader, about the bears’ night at the library.  Fourteen watercolor paintings by artist Sheryl K. Perry illustrate the text.

Instigated by award-winning radio talk show host Fern Crossley to have books about Miss Mattie and prompted by Darlene Morgan, Director of Pike-Amite-Walthall Library System, the Scooter Mouse series began with the 2016 edition of Scooter Mouse and the Teddy Bears, authored by Mitchell and illustrated by Perry. That book then came to life with ballet productions presented by Rejoice Dance Academy of McComb for seven kindergartens in the tri-county area and for the general public.

Following robust sales by the Miss Mattie Foundation, Scooter Mouse and the Teddy Bears was reprinted by the publisher in 2018.  Fans of Scooter Mouse and Miss Mattie may expect the next book, A Mouse in the Stacks, in the fall.

ISBN: 978-1-5323-1949-5

LCCN: 2016917115

Publisher: Magnolia Gazette Publishing Corporation, Second Printing, 2018





Scooter Mouse Teddy Bear Sleepover at McComb Public Library

Following the publication of Scooter Mouse and the Teddy Bears, Miss Mattie and Scooter Mouse hosted the annual sleepover.  Like the book’s characters, the children brought their bears and made pallets for the bears. As in the book, the children left their bears overnight and returned the next morning to see if the bears had played during the sleepover.  On this particular occasion, the bears had empty ice cream containers beside their pallets!





Congratulations on a wonderful job of collaboration with your beautiful art work. Not only will my young grandsons enjoy the book but their granddaddy already has. Your use of colors and minute detail are impressive. l looked closer through a…

Norman Singleton